How One Family Turns Life's Sour Lemons Into Lemonade

A new interactive card game and app that gets family and friends talking, laughing, sharing and healing! 🤫😲🤐


Dear Players,


Rules? The only rule is there are no rules!! The primary purpose of this project is to get family and friends talking honestly and openly in times of stress. The basic instinct to communicate under stress is within us all but often, we just don’t know where to start. Best!Life! decks will not only have you talking, they will have you speaking WELL with continued use.  If you need some ideas on how to get started, we have outlined some SUGGESTIONS FOR PLAY (below).

This project is dedicated in memory of our husband, father and grandfather George. We hope the healing we’re experiencing from talking about his passing, from sharing our pains and just hanging out together in person, online or over the phone, will extend to your family and friends as well.

So please, try to make the best of your time on earth and the best of being with family and friends!

Best talker on the phone ever,

Shirlee D 

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BEST!LIFE! DECKS: Interactive Family Healing

The Shirlee D Project 1448 East 52nd Street #394 Chicago, IL 60615US

Best!Life! Decks Suggestions for Play

Using the included 60 sec timer is optional, (but more exciting!) and time(s) may be extended by restarting the 60 sec cycle accordingly or just use someone's phone.

Start Here, Pre-Game: (many ways to play)

  • · Use the flex (blank) cards to set the award(s) goals for a conversation period using the dry erasable included. EXAMPLE: Best Speaker, Most Informative, Best Storyteller, Wisest Remark, Best Side Comment, Most Inspirational, Funniest, etc.

  • · You may also want to consider adding some light and fun definitions that identify how a person can win the title. For example, Best Speaker may be the person who speaks with the best accent or the person who delivered the clearest message. This helps establish clear goals and reasoning for the group; have fun with the definitions and get creative! You could also skip this step and have the greatest debate trying to figure who deserved what!

There are many ways to play! We will email updates & new suggestions as we experience them: EXAMPLES - The Chicago Chill, The Southern Draw, The East Coast STOP and The WildWild West to name a few! 

(illustrated suggestions are included)


First come first served!



Family Games Kickstarter! MAKING DISTANCING WORK




Family Games Kickstarter! MAKING DISTANCING WORK

2-50 players, play online, by phone or in person!  Play all day & all night!